Dorothy de Cerjat: nurse at Scorrier auxiliary hospital

Many young women who volunteered to nurse at hospitals like the auxiliary facility at Scorrier came from well-to-do families: they had the time to devote to such a cause, and the money for items that were needed e.g. uniforms.

Dorothy de Cerjat came from one such family – her father was vicar of Crowan (a few miles away) for several years though he had moved away before WW1 broke out.

  • Dorothy was the daughter of Charles Rowland Wynne de Cerjat, vicar of Crowan for 14 years, leaving in 1904 to become rector of Great Hallingbury.
  • De Cerjat is an ancient name, probably dating to the times of William the Conqueror
  • Dorothy‚Äôs mother was the daughter of Rev. St Aubyn Molesworth St Aubyn of Clowance. Her brother, Charles Sigismund de Cerjat served in the Grenadier Guards. Her father died in March 1917.
  • In 1918, Dorothy would have been 25.