Memorial window: Paul Church


Paul Church, near Penzance, has one of the most outstanding memorial windows in the south west.  The Church is currently fundraising to maintain it: it is of remarkable artistic, as well as historic, significance.

“In honour of William Torquill Macleod Bolitho, Lieutenant 19th Hussars. Born 13th Nov, 1892. Fell

in action at Chateau Hooge during the second Battle of Ypres 24th May 1915. “And you will speed us

onward with a cheer, and wave beyond the stars that all is well”.

The central panel of the window depicts Sir Galahad starting as a young knight to search for the Holy

Grail. On the right and left are attendant angels while above may be seen stretching away the Ypres-

Menin road. At the top of the window there is a chorus of angels. The outside panels contain the

Bolitho coat of arms, the coat of arms of Flanders and Cornwall and the regimental crest of the 19th