About the project

Welcome to Heart of Conflict, a project run by Bridging Arts and originally funded by  the Heritage Lottery Fund to mark the centenary of World War One. We’re based in Cornwall and are working to uncover stories, photographs and memories relating to the conflict. We started last year in the Camborne/Redruth area – and now are working across the county. An exhibition displaying some of the work ran from December 16-June17  at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.  Click here for more. Elements of this exhibition will now be on display at other venues.

This website is a pinboard of the information we’ve come across. If you’d like to look for a certain item, click on the Stories tab to find the Search box.

The early years of the war ripped the heart out of villages in Cornwall. Many of the young men who enlisted so eagerly in 1914 – at the very start of the war – did not survive. The war memorials in villages, churches, chapels and town squares bear witness to this.

The lists of names are long. Many surnames are repeated: brothers and cousins. Many families lost more than one son.

Girl Guides, Women’s Institute members, librarians, local historians and general enthusiasts have been working together to collect these stories and help to bring history alive. Not everyone makes the history books  – but everyone has got a story to tell.

Heart of Conflict aims to ensure that memories are preserved and the actions are remembered of those who gave their lives so readily, as well as the lives and heritage of those who returned.

Heart of Conflict is run by Bridging Arts with the support of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.